ACDS Literacy Initiative

In April of this year, teachers at ADCS launched a Literacy Initiative with the hopes of seeing improvement in reading levels throughout the grades using PM?JJ testing levels to determine gains.

We set a benchmark that students had to reach in order to qualify for participation in Prize Day.  Administration came forth with a budget from which we planned a day of fun to award the students.

In April, we had 36 students meet the benchmark and in May, 55 students achieved the next level of achievement.

Needless to say, everyone is happy.  Teachers are befitting in numerous ways with the gains, and the students have been treated to 2 fun day-long outings.

The intention is to have one more outing in late June, awarding students who have risen to this challenge which will afford them life-long benefits.

It's been a win all round!  Year end attendance and achievement are evidence!!