Cell Phone and Multimedia Device Policy

Cell Phone and Multimedia Policy at ADCS

With community and school-wide concerns around bullying and privacy, and the critical need to focus while at school, ADCS will be implementing the following starting Sept 5 2017.

No cell phones, tablets, or any multimedia devices at the school.

If your child needs a cell phone at the school, they will drop them off in our locked video conference room for storage until the lunch hour.  They may​ use their device during the lunch ​break and put them back under locked storage for the afternoon. Administration and support staff will gather phones at 8:40 a.m. and ​again at 12:10 before classes.   

Messages for your child can be left at the front desk or ​through a phone ​call​ to​ the school​ (​780 697 3933)​.
If your child is caught with a cell phone or tablet during class time ​the following will occur:​Offense

#1) Student will be asked to give the cell phone​/tablet​/​multimedia device ​to admininstration to be put in the locked video conference room ​until lunch or the end of the day​.​

2) Student will be asked to give his or her phone​/​tablet​/​multi media device ​to administration until the end of the day. 

3) Student and parents will meet with the administration and teacher about the cell phone, tablet or mul​ti​media device. 

4) Student is banned from use of cell phones, tablets or multimedia device​s​ in the school for a decided amount of time.

Please Note:  Cell Phones and tablets will be gathered by administration and support staff.  Teachers' focus is teaching not the gathering of electronic devices. 
ADCS is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen cell phones, tablets or multimedia devices brought onto school property for any reason. Best plan is to leave it at home. 

ADCS is fortunate to be able to provide Chrome Books, laptops and iPads for any technology needs.