Information for Teachers

Teachers new to the Northland School Division 61 and Alberta must start their paperwork for certification and verification of training prior to beginning teaching. 

Criminal Background Checks - (Vulnerable Sector Check)

Information can be found for RCMP at RCMP Types of Criminal Background checks. Further, most local police stations will also do the vulnerable sector check, and if coming from out of province it is always a great idea to have it done before arriving in Alberta. The vulnerable sector check can take time to process and sometimes you have to physically be there for fingerprinting. 


Teachers new to Alberta and the profession must apply for certification from the Alberta Education.  Please click on the link below to apply.  Make sure to print the application form and submit the required fee. 

Alberta Teacher Certification

Teacher Qualifications Services (TQS)

Teachers new to the Northland School Division 61 must provide the payroll department with their must TQS statement.  This statement is available by applying to the Alberta Teachers' Association.  Please click on the link below to apply.

Teacher Salary Qualifications


Standards of Teaching Practice:

Directive 4.2.1 - Teaching Quality Standard Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education in Alberta


 Professional Growth Plans Alberta: ATA Teacher Professional Growth Plans