First Year Teaching at Fort Chipewyan?

Congratulations and Welcome to ADCS!

Aerial View

Fort Chipewyan is a great place to live! It is a "fly in" community for most of the year, but there are a few months in the winter when there are the Ice Roads to either Fort McMurray or to Fort Smith. 

Ice Road to Fort Smith: Parks Canada Information - Ice Road to Fort Smith

Ice Road to Fort McMurray : RMWB - Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray Ice Road

New Teachers Steps to follow:

1. Ensure Teacher certification is complete and up to date in Alberta 

2. You may need to get another TQS done?

2. Complete New Teacher Orientation - Information from Principal

3. Plan to move to Fort Chipewyan

4. Move to Fort Chipewyan

5. Plan your trips out ( Teacher Convention) and holidays in advance

After teacher orientation is done, NEW STAFF get your selves TO FORT MCMURRAY, AB ( fly, bus, drive) 

Long term parking is available, Park and Fly etc.... at reasonable prices

Long term or Monthly parking available through Mcmurray Aviation 

 Travel to get over to Chip:

1. McMurray Aviation on their website:

2. Northwestern Air:


Barge your vehicle full of goods or just your goods

Guy Thacker at Fort Chip Marine Transport – 780-697- 3780 or 780-792-9209 ( 50 % off for teachers....) 


Ape Maintenance Ltd., Phone Number (780) 743-4263, is located at 280 G MacLennan Cresent

( In practise, most teachers just wait for the ice roads to open and then drive a  4X4 vehicle in or out depending on their circumstances, but if you have a lot of shipping it is a great way to send stuff before you arrive by plane!)


Personal Living and Services:


most of us just use our cell phones ( I had to switch to Telus because my carrier did not provide serve to Chip) , but Telus also provides landlines, once you get your house number\address

Internet service provider: Arrow Technology Group: 1877-701 4050 see also give them a call to find out when they will be in the area. They have to fly in and do so usually every 2 weeks or so in the summer. Ask about rates and speeds. 

Xplornet was up here this winter and did many installations. They come up when the ice road is open. It is a satellite internet service and they recently put another satellite in the sky which makes their service more dependable and faster maybe?


Cable TV:

Shaw cable, you can just‎+1 877-450-1312, or Bell:, or Telus:


 What to bring:

    House hold goods:

    Bedding, dishes, cutlery cooking pots and pans glasses to drink from - be abstemious because you will pay $0.55 a pound for fly – in freight. Think hard about what you think you need. OH yeah, some of those Tupperware containers are handy. Table linens are nice. When you pack, label everything really well. Do not use huge containers as everything has to fit into a Cessna Caravan – 9 passengers or just freight. Most of us use Rubbermaid 18 inch tall 24 or so long. Of course boxes are lovely.

    Food stuffs:

Fort Chipewyan has a new grocery store 

You can have food purchased and flown over and only have to pay the freight charges. Two options: 


2. e-mail: to place an order.

 **A new grocery store is opening in July and you can read up about it at New Grocery Store **

A Personal Message from a teacher:

I had about 17 blue bins and shipped them in through A.P.E. and it was logistically doable. When I first arrived in Fort Chipewyan, it was nice to unpack my printer, clothes, winter gear and all bulky heavy shipping items. Shipping my 17 bins before arriving allowed me to fill a couple more bins of fresh food and Frozen food that I brought with me on my flight over.

I travelled on the road to Smith once and to McMurray several times. Always in a 4 X 4 vehicle and always enjoyed getting a trip out of Chip to stock up on supplies. It is just nice to get a weekend or day trip out for fun!

Of course you will learn as you go, but having a system is always great to ensure a smooth transition and a relatively easy move. We all have our comforts that we must have, would like, do not really need. For myself, I must have a Keurig, printer, desktop, second monitor for laptop, books, winter boots etc...

Thanks for reading my message.


 Welcome to ADCS and Fort Chipewyan 

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