Camping and Outdoor Pursuits

Activities and Gear

There is a lot to do in Fort Chipewyan if you love the outdoors! In the summer, you can see boats going up and down the river.  You will always see a lot of quads and bikes. In the winter, you will see a lot of skidoos. If you are thinking about winter activities there is snow for many months of the year! 

Here is a basic list of possible items you may want to bring with you in case you are an outdoor enthusiast. A couple items one teacher stated he wished he brought were a fishing pole and an axe for camping.



__Ground cloth/tarp
__Extra stakes
__Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes
__Axe or hammer
__Mat for tent entrance
__Dust pan/brush


__Sleeping bag
__Air mattress/sleeping pad/cot/tarp
__Air pump
__Repair kit for air mattress
__Utility bags for storage


Snowshoes, cross country skis, trapping lines, appropriate clothing for winter and you can add to this list based on what outdoor sport you are interested in.....