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Halloween fun at Keyano Campus

The Athabasca Delta Community School (ADCS) Outreach Program hosted a Haloween potluck and team building celebration! The celebration include staff from ADCS and Keyano and Outreach students. There was only one scary unwelcome guest that tried to eat all the pizza, moose stew, and bannock; however, the students quickly took care of him and brought the extra food home for friends and family instead. Parents and community members will be invited to our next Potluck in December. Happy Halloween!



Halloween fun at Keyano Campus

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Darrell Fors (Outreach Teacher) said on November 3, 2016 at 9:08 AM

Special thanks to Michael Becker, (Manager Fort Chipewyan Campus: Keyano College) and staff for allowing us to use the campus for learning and celebrating together!

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